The Top Benefits of Digital Business Cards with Sales Performance

Are you considering upgrading to digital business cards? Here are the advantages and how they can help your company’s sales performance.

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Don’t think business cards are still relevant?

After all, for ever 2,000 cards passed out, a company only experiences a 2.5% increase in sales. Why bother with them, right?

They still work but you have to think outside the box. Digital business cards are now the way to go. They’re more affordable, quicker to distribute, and more efficient in terms of generating interest, spreading awareness, and increasing conversions.

Not buying it yet? Don’t fret, we’re here to help you understand. Read on to see how it can benefit your brand, image, and sales performance.

1. Easy to Distribute

When was the last time you went out without your smartphone or met someone that didn’t have a cell phone or email? The digital age has made it easier then ever to connect with others. A digital business card allows you to share ALL of your contact information, including social media handles, with the click of button.

It’s easy for someone to share your information, too. With a paper business card, they’ll only have one copy. Once they give it, they’ll need another printed copy.

That’s not a problem with digital cards. They can keep sending copies to their associates and still have the original file.

Even if they accidentally delete their copy, it’s easy for you to send another one at no extra cost.

You improve your network reach this way without you having to go outside.

2. Digital Business Cards Leave a Good Impression

Although they’re getting popular, digital cards still aren’t the norm. This gives you a chance to stand out among your competitors.

A virtual business card is different; it makes your business looks modern and ahead of the times. It will amaze the people who’ll get one for the first time. To them, your business seems to be all about efficiency.

Being a forward-thinker is a great first impression to leave on your clients and customers. It also has a high perceived value because of the problems it solves, which further adds value to your brand.

3. It Can Store a Lot of Information

With paper business cards, think about the space when putting information. You can’t put too many unless you want to make it look overcrowded.

This will turn off any potential clients and customers. They may also have a hard time reading your information if you use a smaller font size.

This isn’t a problem at all with digital business cards. You can store all the information you want with it, including multiple of your business’ email addresses, all your URLs, all your other contact information, all your social media accounts, and everything else.

If someone wants to reach you, they’ll reach you, increasing your chances of landing a sale.

4. You Can Add Media if You Want

One of the best benefits of business cards in the form of 0s and 1s is that you can add media. If you think a short video can best explain what you do, for instance, you can put it on your card alongside your other information.

This gives you another chance to connect with the client or customer even after your meeting.

You can also add links to surveys, direct them to your forms, or allow them to sign up for your subscription service through the digital business card. It presents you with numerous possibilities to engage with your customers and improve your conversion rate.

5. Everything is Easy to Update

Whatever you put in your virtual card is easy to change and update. If one of your websites is no longer working, for example, you can remove it from your data. That’s it; it’s that simple.

The beauty here is that when you update your information, it doesn’t change your QR code. If someone were to scan the QR code you gave away before, it will still show the updated information.

This means you no longer have to get a new batch printed every time you update your information. You can add or remove details and media as you wish. Your previous clients will still have your latest information, which means you lessen the chances of them contacting you via an outdated phone number (unless they have the old one saved somewhere else).

6. Virtual Goods are More Cost-Effective

Virtual goods, in general, are cheaper to produce and distribute. In the case of digital business cards, it can go as low as $0.

Some apps allow you to generate one for free. It has minimal designing required, so you can even do this yourself.

If you want your whole team or company to adopt virtual cards, you’ll have to pay a monthly or yearly sum. The paid service often comes with features like CRM integration, adding media and links, and more.

7. It’s Easy to Store

Once you share your business card, your client or customer doesn’t have to worry about its storage either. They don’t have to stuff it into their wallets, pockets, or some other storage they’ll forget about.

They have no risk of losing it, too. They can keep it where they received it and they only have to backtrack to find it.

Of course, it’s preferable if they keep all business cards in one place, but not all people have basic organization skills. These are the people who are most likely to misplace physical business cards.

8. Good for the Environment

As an added benefit, you’re helping out the environment in your way by ditching paper business cards.

Paper business cards only contribute to the 230 million tons or so of trash that the U.S. produces. Sure, it’s a small thing, but remember that lower demand for papers also reduces the number of trees we cut down yearly.

At the rate we’re losing forests, every single eco-conscious decision helps.

Get a Digital Business Card for Your Business Now

It’s easy to create digital business cards for you and your employees. You can do it right now and then distribute it within the next hour. Contact us today and let us help you prepare your business for the future.

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